‘This is where he prepared the bodies…..’

ghost stories

In my family, we read horoscopes, hope that our loved ones are contacting us with a special messages after they have passed, but none of us are particularly psychic. I have had some strange experiences, knowing things, some strong intuition, and have sometimes acted on that and it has been right, but it’s a rare thing to have this experience.

Once I felt an overwhelming feeling from touching some babies clothes that my grandmother had bought before she died, and no one had touched since. It brought me to lurching, overwhelming tears, and when I was finished crying I can say so strongly that she was telling me she loved me. Mostly my experiences or things I have noticed or felt have been in situations where I have been alone and I have been the only one experiencing the profound moment or insight.

Whether we imagine these things or read into things, we don’t know for sure. We can’t conduct a valid, repeatable science experiment into them, but people who say they experience these things often say they are really highly attuned to things that others are not. One experience I have had however, was one that was shared, and therefore lends itself to more evidence that it was not something within me, but was actually something external trying to make contact.

It all started one day when my older sister was looking at buying a house with her partner. They were looking all over town, and happened to be going to a house inspection right near where I lived and had called over to see if I would like to come up to see it too. So I left my partner and child at home and jumped in their car, and soon we arrived at the house. It was in an older established part of town, with cafe’s and alternative type shops on a busy street. It was a beautiful looking house, and a bit older, in the Victorian style (not the one pictured) with ornate scrolls around the roofline and a white picket fence and is now worth over 1 million dollars. It was also number 13 in the street.

As we entered the front gate, the garden was full of ferns that reached over the top of the pathway, which was pretty and paved with old bricks. We came up to the front steps, the proportions of these houses are so generous, large windows, floorboards, beautiful wide hallways. The kitchen was a bit pokey, as they often are in these older houses, before they have been properly renovated. Like the garden, with it’s over abundance of plants, the house too, had too much furniture, almost so that you couldn’t move. It was a little bit like the way Victorians liked to furnish their homes, but on this day all that dark, polished wood seemed claustrophobic, and the air felt thick. It was a relief to get to the back of the house, to the yard, to get some fresh air. But there again there were more brick paved pathways, and too much greenery, no open space. It was very pretty, but almost like a maze, and down one path was a little shed, I’m thinking of my sister living here and wondering if this is where the laundry is.

I walk to the old shed, it has a bench in there, would this be the laundry I am thinking. I feel a little uneasy in the room, but of course I know I’m in a house, it’s daylight, my brother in law is not far away. But then I hear the voice in my head ‘This is where he prepared the bodies’, the way it is said is like an otherworldly real estate agent giving me a tour. My sister is not far behind me, I think it must be my imagination, and decide to leave the house as soon as I can, and I make my way past the beautiful, crowded rooms full of antiques and out the front, where I feel I can finally breathe again. My brother in law has already come out and is waiting in the car. So I get in and ask him what he thought.

Soon after my sister comes out. She gets in the car, and says ‘that was so weird, when I was outside in the shed out the back, I thought I heard someone say in my ear – this is where he prepared the bodies’. And then I tell her I heard the same thing, and we are both shocked, and we wonder about the house, and my brother in law is wondering why he didn’t hear it, and then we just look at the house – it has something, some energy or something.

They decide not to buy the house of course, how could you buy a house where you have heard something like this in the back shed. We looked it up again online when we got home to my house, still feeling haunted and creeped out by it. The house sold, and someone lives in it, I’m sure they have a lovely life there, but I wonder still, if there is an extra resident still living there, waiting for the next time it is sold so it can show people the back shed. Or maybe there are other secrets to know about that went on at that house.

I wonder too, how many messages we have all been getting over the years that we ignore or block out, how many other people may have heard that same voice telling them, ‘this is where he prepared the bodies’………………..

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  1. Creepy!!!!!


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