The final chapter

dying of cancer the final chapter

Several weeks ago, ‘Dying of cancer: a feel-good story‘  was posted on our website by Terran McGinnis. The team here at Memoleaves, were really touched reading the story her father had written. Terran had shared on social media, her fathers wish to make his story public – “If you find this interesting or touching or helpful or think it might be any of those things for someone else, please share. Making this story public was his wish.”

After reaching out to her, we have received an update about what happened at the end for her father, and Terran and her step mother have given their kind permission for us to share this:

It ended perfectly, exactly as he wanted. When my dad decided that life had just become pain, or sleep due to the medications for the pain, and that it was time to end it, he contacted the doctor he had been working with and scheduled the appointment.

It was a beautiful sunny California day and the doctor and nurse arrived right on time. Everyone walked downstairs to the detached garage which my dad had converted into his man-cave. The doors and windows were open. The Brandenburg concerto was playing. My step mom and their dog were there. An email I had written to my dad was printed and in his hands. He drank two concoctions and went to sleep. Sunshine on his face and music playing, surrounded by love.

The doctor and nurse stayed afterwards to help with the coroner details and until my step mom’s cousin arrived to take care of her.

Please share his story, it was his wish that it is shared far and wide. It is an important conversation to have and to think about for ourselves, and an important discussion to have with loved ones.

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  1. So beautiful to hear. Thanks for letting us know your dad got his wish.

  2. Thank you for listening. ❤️

    • Thank you for sharing your story. 🙏


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