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Please use the form below to share your story. Memoleaves focuses on our stories around grief and death. We want to hear the stories of the living as shaped by the dead. It could have been a death of someone close to you; or someone at a distance you didn’t know. It could be recent or have happened a long time ago. It’s the story you need to tell. We believe in the wisdom of the lived experience. You don’t need to be a writer or an expert on death to contribute here. Your experience is your qualification. We encourage you to write in your own language. We encourage you to write from your heart. Write your story, your expression will help heal your own grief and may help someone else understand themselves or their own experience better. You may help one life breathe more easily and make sense of their altered world. We hope that Memoleaves becomes a place of comfort, reflection, catharsis and insight……………………..

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