My Cat Coco

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I had always watched people die on TV but never knew it would feel like this. I felt like I had been shot by electric wire when I found out my cat was dead. The emotional tears that ran down my face never stopped. His body was cold, cold as ice like my heart. It had all happened when he had run away. I had been scared for him but when I heard that the Lost Dogs Home had found him I was so happy. The whole day at school I was jumping, I couldn’t wait to hug him.
Then disaster struck. My dad picked me up and told me that the Lost Dogs Home had only found his body. He was dead. I cried, he had been hit by a car.
On the weekend we buried his body under a tree. I got to keep his collar and I still have it. I slept with it for a long time and still do. The next few days I didn’t talk to my best friend or anyone really. After a week I recovered but it still wounds me to know I will never see him again.

No longer His soft fur.
No longer his wining purr
His Soul is ground to dust.
The one I used to trust.
I must stay robust,
I must forget the one I lost.
He is not lost forever;
I must remember
He is with me
In my heart.
I love you Coco.


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  1. What a great name for a cat, and such a beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So beautiful and sad at the same time. Owning a pet of any kind is always so special. We don’t often hear too many of these stories, so thank you for sharing your loss, love and poem ❤️


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