How to use this site

How to use this site

Welcome to Memoleaves 

We chose our name to combine the idea of an important note, and the cycle of nature from the word leaves, or what is left behind when someone passes on. We chose these words because of the importance we believe is in stories of life and death, and like the leaves of a book these notes can combine to tell stories of our lived experiences. Often when someone dies, we have an opportunity to share our perspectives of how they impacted our lives, but these stories are often not shared widely. They may be told to someone else who knew them, to our children or grandchildren, often imparting an important lesson or truth that we learned or witnessed through knowing these people we loved who have passed on. These stories are precious, they are important, and they often contain revelatory insights. They can help others to understand their own circumstances, to sometimes see negatives in a new light, or gain an insight or new perspective. And they help the person who shares, it documents the lives and deaths, it says they were here, this is something that mattered to me and them.

Please consider the privacy of those still living. How identifiable do you want your story to be? If it is a story involving a family members, you may want to discuss this with others in your family.  If it involves someone outside your immediate family you may consider giving them an alias, or using their first name only. Please do not make  any defamatory statements. We reserve the right to remove any offending material, comments or posts. This is intended to be a safe space.

To post on to this site, please first make an account here and then add  your story. Please add any photos, pictures, or videos however we cannot use them unless they are copyright free. This means they must be your own photos or one that you have chosen from a website that has copyright free pictures free to download. If you are having technical problems or any issues with posting, please contact

It is early days in the life of the website, and is built with the intention of bringing people together, to share their stories, learn from each other, help each other and make connections. Once you make an account you can connect with other members. In the coming months we will be working towards developing forums and would like to become an online resource for those looking for information, help, and a friendly ear when faced with issues surrounding death. We will never send any spam emails, or pass on your details to any other party.





The developers of this website are not liable for anything posted by anyone other than themselves. It is a condition of posting on this website that you agree to these conditions.

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