About Us

About Us

Memoleaves is a website devoted to sharing end of life stories. As children of a Western perspective we have witnessed the secrecy and fear we hold collectively around everything to do with death. We are afraid to look at it, speak of it, as if by doing so we will some how bring it forth, so we hide it, sanitise it and often pretend it will never happen. But it is a natural and important part of life.

We are meaning making creatures and we often make meaning through telling stories. When we are children it is a natural thing for us to listen to and tell stories. It is one way we come to understand and find guidance for ourselves, our world.

In more recent times we have come to value the telling of our birth stories. At memoleaves, we believe our death stories can be equally rich.  The insights and reflections that are birthed as the body dies we believe should be shared for all.

A life lived and a death died is worth telling.

How to use this site

At some point we are all touched by death and grief.  This is a place to write your subjective story.  Subjective in that it is your experience of events and may not be the same for anyone else within your story.

Please consider the privacy of those still living. How identifiable do you want your story to be? If it is a story involving family members, you may want to discuss this with others in your family.  If it involves someone outside your immediate family you may consider changing the name or alternatively using only their first name.

If your story involves other people who are still alive please refrain from using their real names and making any defamatory statements.

Please consider letting other people who are close to this story know of your intention to post on this website.

The developers of this website are not liable for anything posted by anyone other than themselves. It is a condition of posting on this website that you agree to this.

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