I had full control this time, the veterinary system would not touch her as they did to her brother 7 years ago but that’s another very different death story. This peaceful image is of Holly’s grave this past August.
Our healthy cat was part of our family for 14 1/2 years and when an x-ray showed no positive paths I put her down and buried her in our garden at home. We were able to have a farewell ceremony and also a place to smile at when other places around showed her absence. Later while out in the garden my son asked me if Holly would be there if we dug down. I told him only her bones are there and pointing to a new baby leaf on a struggling fruit tree I showed him how she has helped to grow the soil and is coming out and living on all around us so we can speak to her here. He started to call out hello to her through the surrounding nature.

“Dear Holly,
Hear us from wherever you are perhaps up in heaven, shining over us as a star.
Eating sardines with Great Nana. Angels on hand to groom or belly scratch you whenever you call out with your sweet musical meow.
I first met you in Queensland with your identical brother. Luckily we could tell which kitten was Holly because of your special patch on your back leg.
You were always perfect and blessed us with your presence that radiated through which ever room you chose to rest or pose.
Always my companion to greet as we return home. You loved playing with your stick or ball and were kitten like even with age.
We’ll miss your rubs, nuzzles and head-butts. We’ll always remember our Holly, so special you can never be replaced as there is no one like you, our beloved Holly. I am so sorry if I ever hurt you. May you be free of any pain now and know that you live on in our hearts.
Thank you for all your love
Hollikins, Hol, HollyPollyBolly”

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  1. Such a beautiful tribute to a furry member of your family. What a gorgeous grave.


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