The Directory for all things End of Life and After

The Directory for all things End of Life and After

Join our End of Life and After Business Directory

This is the Directory to access all things needed to navigate the end of life and after.

We want this to be the one stop shop for those dealing with this challenging  period in their life. A place to have all the needs and information at their finger tips.

Whether its an oncologist massage therapist, a palattive artist, a death doula, celebrant, florist, venue or grief counsellor for example, we want you to list your service here.

The is a free service. With this you can list your business, upload a video and publish a blog.

Steps to register your business on the Directory

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create a Listing
  3. Log in or Click on Not yet registered and create an account.
  4. Create a profile
  5. Log into Business Directory
  6. Pick the most relevant category for your business.
  7. Enter your business details as per instructions
  8. Upload an image/logo picture for your business
  9. Click complete business listing
  10. Your listing will be reviewed and posted upon admin approval.

You can have as many free listings as you like.

Please share this with your networks. The more like minded and diverse businesses we collect, the more valuable this resource will be to you and our community.

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