An unfinished chocolate bar

An unfinished chocolate bar
Although no image remains of the real unfinished chocolate bar this is for indication purposes

My dear grandmother, who we called Nan, was 97 when she passed away. She had a heart attack, at home. Although she had become a little more frail in her older age, she still had a wonderful sense of humour.

On the day she died, I remember sitting around her dining room table with my two sisters. My older sister, Marina, picked up a half eaten chocolate bar – I think it was a snickers bar – and started opening it.

‘Hey’, says my younger sister Sarah, ‘you can’t eat that, that was Nan’s’, she says.

Marina, having now opened the wrapper, takes a bite of the chocolate bar and says “she’s not going to want it now Sarah,” she said chewing and enjoying the chocolate bar. Then she said “besides……. Nan would want me to have it.”

We all burst out laughing, it was a relief on such a heavy day, and Marina was right, Nan would have wanted her to have it.

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